Real-Time & Zone Based Proximity Location Service Solutions

The Better, Faster and Cheaper Real-Time Location Services/Proximity Location Service Solutions

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solutions provide organizations with visibility into the precise, real-time location of an asset (personnel or equipment), thereby enhancing operational efficiency and workforce optimization. Despite its benefits, there has been resistance to its widespread adoption due to the limitations in accuracy, cost of sensors/tags and the complex infrastructure requirements.

Partnering with our partners, we offer RTLS solution with Image result for rtls imagesuperior accuracy, requires minimal hardware and comes with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market today.

Accuracy:  Our SaaS-based RTLS uses a combination of Ultra-wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth LE (BLE) and proprietary location engine to determine specific location of assets (employees, equipment and inventory). By combining smart firmware on the beacons that transmit custom messages, smart firmware on BLE/WiFi gateways and advanced algorithms on the cloud, we are able to achieve accuracy greater than one-meter. The accuracy can be maintained even in large, open spaces with a lot of metal objects, people, and RF noise.

Micro Geofences: Our cloud solution, has various RTLS components built into it that promises unprecedented accuracy and range. One of the key features of the solution is the ability to create unique geofences with ease. Enterprises can, not just monitor when an asset enters the geofences, but are also capable of recording history of movement and dwell-time of these assets that enable predictive analysis.

Fast and quick to implement: Other solutions require massive installation expenditure in terms of servers, cables, antennas etc. Our cloud-based solution does not require wired hardware. The installation entails plugging in of AC-powered BLE/WiFi gateways and attaching the sensor beacons to assets being tracked. Our “install and go” solution gives enterprises the ability to quickly manage thousands of devices/assets and gain visibility into their precise location, at scale.

Minimal hardware:  Our solution requires minimal hardware (BLE sensors and Bluetooth/WiFi gateways) saving enterprises the costs involved in the expensive infrastructure setup of antennas, servers, cable, etc. As a cloud-based solution, we do not require server configuration and can get the data to the cloud using existing WiFi.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to track an asset at all times but to understand whether an asset is in a specific location or not. In such a case, instead of using RTLS which tracks assets in real-time throughout a facility, our Zone-Based RTLS solution allows users to set real-time alerts when a specific asset (equipment or person) enters or exits a specified area or comes in close proximity to a specified area.