Real-Time & Zone Based Proximity Location Service Solutions

Enhancing Real-Time Location Services for Efficiency and Affordability

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solutions offer valuable insights into asset location, aiding in operational efficiency and workforce optimization. However, challenges like accuracy limitations, high sensor costs, and complex infrastructure hinder widespread adoption. Partnering with leading experts, we deliver an RTLS solution that excels in accuracy, requires minimal hardware, and boasts the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) available today.Image result for rtls image

Superior Accuracy: Our SaaS-based RTLS leverages Ultra-wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth LE (BLE), and a proprietary location engine to pinpoint asset locations with precision. By integrating intelligent firmware on beacons, BLE/WiFi gateways, and advanced cloud algorithms, we achieve accuracy exceeding one meter even in challenging environments with metal objects, RF noise, and high human traffic.

Micro Geofences: Our cloud platform integrates essential RTLS components, offering unparalleled accuracy and range. A standout feature is the ability to effortlessly create custom geofences. Enterprises not only monitor asset entries into geofenced areas but also capture movement histories and dwell times, facilitating predictive analysis and actionable insights.

Rapid Implementation: Unlike traditional solutions requiring extensive server setups and cabling, our cloud-based RTLS requires minimal hardware. Simply plug in AC-powered BLE/WiFi gateways and attach sensor beacons to tracked assets for swift deployment. Our “install and go” approach empowers enterprises to manage numerous devices and gain precise location visibility quickly and at scale.

Cost-Effective Hardware: Our solution minimizes hardware requirements (BLE sensors and gateways), eliminating the need for costly infrastructure like antennas and servers. Being cloud-based, we bypass server configurations and leverage existing WiFi networks for seamless data transmission.

Zone-Based RTLS: In scenarios where continuous asset tracking isn’t necessary, our Zone-Based RTLS offers targeted insights. Set real-time alerts for asset entries or exits from specified areas or when assets approach predefined zones, optimizing asset management and operational awareness.