Horticulture Solutions

Complete Wireless Climate Monitoring System for Greenhouses with Aranet Family of Horticulture Sensors (wireless communication range of up to 3 km)

– Reliable wireless technology, simple set-up, it just works!
Accurate measurements anywhere in the greenhouse
Secure local data storage and no internet required
Wireless line-of-sight communication range of up to 3 km

Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensor with Convection Radiation Shield
Convection Radiation Shield in combination with temperature & relative humidity sensor provides precise air temperature measurements for the greenhouse environment. Heat from the sun is used for heating the air in the pipe for vertical air flow which helps to have accurate temperature readings not affected by the solar radiation. 

By using the real-time data and custom alert system Aranet family of horticulture sensors (soil and substrate moisture, electric conductivity EC and temperature) helps determine when plants need watering by regularly indicating the water content of the soil. The wireless sensor is equipped with a built–in temperature sensor to determine if the soil temperature is ready for planting and seeds can germinate properly. The sensor will also has EC meter – a reliable and easy way to determine if fertilizer nutrient levels are adequate for optimal plant growth.

Soil Moisture, Electric Conductivity and Temperature Sensor
Monitoring soil moisture is important for agricultural applications as it helps manage irrigation systems more efficiently. Knowing the exact soil moisture conditions and fertilizer nutrient levels, enables growers to increase yield and crop quality by using less water and improve management of soil moisture and nutrient delivery during critical plant growth stages. 

Stem Micro-variation Sensor
Stem micro-variation sensor allows investigating effects of irrigation rate and other environmental factors on water balance and growth of plants. In combination with Aranet 4-20 mA current sensor the solution is wireless and suitable for greenhouse environment.

Plant growth and water balance affects behavior of stem diameter. The growth rate depends on a vegetation stage and environmental conditions. The variations represent mostly fluctuations of water content in plants.  These sensors measure micro variations in plant stem diameter – that is, shrinking and swelling, which may help monitor water uptake, water stress, and transpiration within a plant thus helping save resources and improve yield.

PAR Sensor with Apogee Quantum Meter
The sensor allows measuring of photosynthetic active radiation (PAR). It helps determine the amount of light the plants are exposed to. Light is an essential element of photosynthesis and overall plant development as it impacts numerous factors including plant form and structure, plant orientation, and reproduction.

Soil VWC (Volumetric Water Content) Sensor
The VWC sensor helps to determine the optimal watering for the plants by regularly indicating the water content of the soil for optimal plant growth

CO2 Sensor
CO2 is one of the key ingredients of photosynthesis, it is essential for plants to grow. Monitoring CO2 in greenhouse allows optimisation of growth conditions, resulting in more efficient plant growth and higher crop yield.

Weight Sensor
Plant weight is essential parameter to monitor in horticulture and agriculture to quantify plant growth and increase in biomass. The weight sensor allows close monitoring of plant growth and development, therefore allowing for more precise optimization of plant environmental conditions. 

Aranet data analytics software, Aranet Sensor HUB, is designed to analyse data in real time, set thresholds for alarms, group & rename sensors, export data to keep track on the ongoing and optimize processes when necessary.

— Real time data overview;
– Simple and intuitive design;
 Advanced graph functionality for data analysis;
– E-mail and SMS alarm functionality;
– Easy renaming and grouping of sensors for quick sensor management;
– Alarm and favourite filters for quick views of the most critical sensor readings;
– Data export in .csv, .xlsx, .png, .svg formats;-