About Us

Innovkez (pronounce “Innov-kez”) provides innovative solutions (products & IT services) to both private and public, domestic and international sectors.  It strives to help its’ client address operation and business challenges, streamline and improve operation performance particularly in area of monitoring; asset tracking via Real-Time Location System (RTLS), retail and hospital Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, condition monitoring, security monitoring, people counting (Indoor & outdoor) solutions and smart IoT sensors (temperature, motion, water detection, light, open/close, voltage, current, tilt, horiculture etc).

Our associates and partners are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise coupled with vast hands-on experience. Thus, ensuring that our clients receive timely effective and professional services that enable them to maximise the advantages offered by the innovative solutions.

Innovkez is a member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), a global network of member organizations that are the caretakers and innovators of Bluetooth® technology.


InnovKez was formed from the word “Innovative” and “Kez” which is  very versatile, intuitive, creative, trustworthy, intellectual and has a great sense of responsibility and duty.

Blue and Orange are Innovkez’s main logo colour. Blue symbolizes trust, stability, depth, intelligence and precision while orange combines the energy of red and the positivity of yellow. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, strength, endurance and success.