About Us

Innovkez (pronounced “Innov-kez”) specializes in delivering innovative solutions, encompassing products and IT services, to a diverse range of clients across private and public sectors, both domestically and internationally. Our core mission is to assist clients in addressing operational and business challenges, with a particular focus on optimizing performance in monitoring activities. This includes asset tracking through Real-Time Location System (RTLS), IoT solutions tailored for retail and hospital environments, condition monitoring, security surveillance, people counting solutions (indoors and outdoors), and a range of smart IoT sensors covering various parameters such as temperature, motion, water detection, light levels, open/close status, voltage, current, tilt, and even horticulture applications.

Our team comprises associates and partners who are renowned for their functional and technical expertise, supported by extensive hands-on experience. This ensures that our clients receive prompt, effective, and professional services, empowering them to leverage the full advantages offered by our innovative solutions.

As a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), a global network dedicated to advancing Bluetooth® technology, Innovkez remains at the forefront of technological advancements and standards.

The name Innovkez is a fusion of “Innovative” and “Kez,” embodying versatility, intuition, creativity, trustworthiness, intellectual rigor, and a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

Our logo prominently features the colors blue and orange. Blue symbolizes trust, stability, depth, intelligence, and precision, reflecting our commitment to reliability and expertise. Orange, blending the energy of red with the positivity of yellow, represents enthusiasm, creativity, strength, endurance, and success, aligning with our innovative spirit and goal-oriented approach.