Cyclists Counting

SensMax TAC-B Advanced People and Cyclist Counting Radar Sensor

The SensMax TAC-B radar sensor is a cutting-edge solution that combines pedestrian footfall and cyclist statistics, making it ideal for monitoring city streets or recreational parks. Here’s how this innovative sensor enhances your operations:

    • Comprehensive Traffic Insights:
        • Provides detailed data on people/cyclist traffic density over different periods, aiding in understanding location popularity and planning infrastructure developments.

        • Facilitates scheduling maintenance works based on traffic trends.

    • Advanced mmWave Radar Technology:
        • Utilizes mmWave radar technology to accurately count pedestrians and cyclists, including tracking movement direction and speed.

        • Offers the flexibility to categorize pedestrians and cyclists separately, with customizable counting lines for each traffic category based on their typical speeds.

    • Key Benefits Over Traditional Systems:
        • Wide Coverage: Covers up to 200 square meters with a 120-degree viewing angle.

        • Multi-Zone Support: Supports multiple counting lines and zones, tracks speed and movement direction, and ensures GDPR compliance by not filming individuals.

        • Internal Backup Memory: Stores data on an SD card for extended periods, ensuring uninterrupted data collection even without internet connectivity.

    • Easy Installation and Power Options:
        • Quick installation on sidewalls or pillars at optimal heights, with a rotating angle bracket for precise aiming.

        • Uses standard AC power adaptor or optional backup power solutions like SensMax Mini UPS or deep cycle batteries for continuous operation.

    • Versatile Traffic Monitoring:
        • Supports up to 5 counting lines or zones within the detection area, enabling simultaneous counting of pedestrians, bicyclists, and monitoring dwell times.

        • Operates reliably in all weather conditions and lighting scenarios, providing accurate data day or night.

    • Cloud Reporting and Integration:
        • Access pedestrian and bicycle footfall statistics through the SensMax cloud reporting portal.

        • Offers ready-to-use people counting reports and automated report scheduling via email.

        • Supports data export via API for seamless integration with third-party reporting systems and MQTT protocol for direct data transmission to other reporting tools.

With the SensMax TAC-B radar sensor, you gain precise traffic insights, seamless integration options, and reliable performance in diverse environments, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operational efficiency.

Pedestrian and bicycle footfall statistics are accessible through the SensMax cloud reporting portal, offering a range of pre-designed people counting reports and the convenience of scheduling automatic report delivery via email.

Furthermore, the SensMax cloud reporting portal facilitates seamless data export via API, allowing integration with various third-party reporting systems. For more advanced integrations, the sensor features MQTT protocol support, enabling direct transmission of people counting data to any preferred reporting tool.