Cyclists Counting

SensMax TAC-B people/cyclist counting radar sensors – Sensor combined pedestrian footfall and cyclist statistics on city streets or recreation parks in one unit.

TAC-B mmWave Radar Counting Sensor

Tracking visiting trends and statistics provides people /cyclist traffic density per different period, enhances understanding location popularity, helps schedule maintenance works, facilitates the development of pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure plan.

The counting radar sensor uses advanced mmWave radar technology for counting pedestrian footfall and cyclist traffic. It detects both movement direction and speed. It gives you the option to sort pedestrians and cyclists into separate categories. For example, the average pedestrian walking speed is about 5 km/h, jogging speed is about 12 km/h, bicycle speed is 15-20kmm. There is an option to set up different individual counting lines for every people traffic category.

The mmWave radar technology provides the following additional benefits compared to traditional people counting systems:

  • People counting area is up to 200 square meters at 120 degree viewing angle.
  • People counting radar supports multiple counting lines and zones, as well as speed and movement direction tracking. 
  • It detects people/cyclist without filming ensuring 100% compliant with GDPR/Privacy law.
  • It has an internal backup memory (on a SD card) for thousands of days data collection in case of internet connectivity problems. This also enable project base temporary location counting without the need for internet connection.

SensMax TAC-B radar counting sensor installation is fast and easy. The sensor can be installed on any sidewall or pillar at a height of 2.5-3 meters. There is a rotating angle bracket in the sensor kit for precise aiming to the people counting area. The sensor uses WiFi internet connection for footfall data delivery to a server.

The sensor uses a standard AC 220V to DC 12V/0.5A power adaptor, so it can be connected to any standard power line.  There is an option to use SensMax Mini UPS for constant power supply for up to 7 hours in case of short-term main power line disruption, or the use of deep cycle battery for longer term days/weeks level off-grid data collection.

SensMax TAC-B counting radar sensors supports up to 5 people counting lines or zones within the detection area of up to 200 square meters. So it is possible to simultaneously count pedestrians, bicyclists and detect average dwelling time per every counting zone. For example, counting the number of passing by pedestrians together with monitoring how many of them spend some time sitting on a bench. The most important feature of the sensor is the mmWave radar technology that works in any weather conditions, like bright sun, rain, fog, or snow, on daytime or night. 

Pedestrian and bicycle footfall statistics are available via SensMax cloud reporting portal. It has various ready-to-use people counting reports, as well as options to schedule automatic reports sending through emails. 

SensMax cloud reporting portal supports data export via API for integration with any 3rd party reporting systems. For advanced integrations, there is MQTT protocol support in the sensor, enabling it to send people counting data directly into any other reporting tool.