Innovkez provides innovative solutions (products & IT solution development) to both private and public, domestic and international sectors. It strives to help its’ client address operation and business challenges, streamline and improve operation performance particularly in the area of monitoring: assets tracking (RTLS), smart IoT sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, water detection, motion, open/close, light, voltage, current etc), people counting (indoor & outdoor) and access security.

In addition, it also provides customized software solutions to address challenges faced by organization on  wireless field staff management, enterprise data collection and information content management.

Our associates are distinguished by their technical and functional expertise coupled with extensive hands-on experience. This enable us to work with our clients as partner to build and deploy solutions that ensure their staff, including field personnel, are appropriately train and  buy-in to the innovation solution so as to maximise the advantages offered.

Innovative Solutions For A Better World