People Counting

People Counting Solutions

People counters for retail store traffic monitoring

Our retail people counters offer a comprehensive solution for tracking customer visits to your retail stores. They provide accurate visitor statistics and integrate seamlessly with financial data from cash registers, offering valuable insights into sales revenue per visitor and the volume of goods purchased.

people-counting-system-sensmax-s1-locations.jpgWith this statistical data, you can effectively assess sales staff performance, evaluate the success of promotional activities, and identify visiting trends to optimize staffing levels in your stores. This data-driven approach facilitates better decision-making regarding marketing strategies, staff scheduling, and sales efficiency, ultimately boosting business profitability and operational effectiveness.

People Counters for Shopping Mall & Retail Outlets

Our SensMax people counting solution offers a holistic view of foot traffic across shopping malls and retail outlets. You’ll gain access to detailed visitor traffic information through over 20 statistical, analytical, administrative, and financial reports, segmented by hour, day, week, month, or year.

This comprehensive data empowers you to:

  • Adjust rental costs based on foot traffic intensity across different zones or floors.
  • Evaluate customer responsiveness to marketing initiatives and identify high-impact channels.
  • Plan staffing and security schedules in alignment with visiting trends.

Our people counting system automatically transmits traffic statistics to the SensWeb platform every 20 minutes via WiFi/Ethernet data collectorgateways, covering a radius of up to 800 meters. Each gateway supports up to 30 bi-directional counter sensors, ensuring accurate and timely data collection.Super long range real-time people counting sensors

Outdoor pedestrian counting system

The SensMax Outdoor Pedestrian Counting System is designed to track visiting trends and record pedestrian traffic in outdoor environments such as parks, recreational facilities, and hiking trails. Utilize pedestrian traffic statistics to optimize staff schedules, assess promotional activity effectiveness, and select the most impactful advertisement modes.

people-counting-system-sensmax-se-de-locations.jpgKey features of our outdoor pedestrian counting system include:

  • people-counting-system-benefit-2.pngAnti-Vandal Design: Robust casing with water and dust protection, meeting IP66 standards via optional outdoor enclosures.
  • people-counting-system-benefit-1.pngExtended Memory: Stores foot traffic statistics for up to 250 days, ensuring comprehensive data collection.
  • people-counting-system-benefit-3.pngEasy Installation: Wireless sensors require no cabling or electricity connections, offering hassle-free deployment.
  • people-counting-system-benefit-5.pngDirectional Counting: Choose between unidirectional and bidirectional counting algorithms based on your needs.
  • people-counting-system-benefit-4.pngLong Battery Life: Bidirectional sensors operate on standard AA batteries for up to 12 months, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Our pedestrian counting system comprises wireless outdoor pedestrian counters, a data collector for manual or automatic data forwarding, and reporting software with over 20 customizable reports across various time spans.

For a complete solution tailored to your traffic monitoring needs, our retail people counters and outdoor pedestrian counting systems provide accurate, reliable data to optimize business operations and enhance customer experiences.