Condition Monitoring Solutions

Achieve Optimal Performance and Equipment Health via Condition Monitoring

Lost capacity and equipment downtown are the biggest threats to manufacturing operation units.  In many cases, organisations need greater visibility into equipment operational health and react quickly to critical events.

Partnering with Bluvision, our solutions are able to monitor the health of motors and motorized equipment (e.g. water pumps, conveyors and lifts) by monitoring multiple telemetry data such as vibration and temperature and understanding the trend line on every piece of equipment.

Using advanced algorithms, operations can filter out no-vital data using business criteria to accurately portray trend-lines, predict failure and receive alerts. Obtaining predictive analysis, operations can implement remedial actions before critical failures occur.

Our solutions are product and equipment agnostic and can be easily affixed to any surface.

Condition Monitoring Vibration Charts

It offers Management By Exception with condition monitoring alerts that notify appropriate personnel when a failure is predicted.