Condition Monitoring Solutions

Achieve Optimal Performance and Equipment Health via Intelligent Condition Monitoring

The risk of lost capacity and equipment downtime poses significant challenges to manufacturing operations. Organizations often face the need for enhanced visibility into equipment health and swift responses to critical events.

By collaborating with HID, our solutions enable comprehensive monitoring of motors and motorized equipment (e.g., water pumps, conveyors, and lifts) by analyzing multiple telemetry data points such as vibration and temperature, while also identifying trend lines for each piece of equipment.

Utilizing sophisticated artificial intelligent algorithms, non-critical data is filtered out based on business criteria, providing accurate trend lines, predictive failure insights, and timely alerts. Through predictive analysis, proactive remedial actions can be implemented before critical failures occur, optimizing operational efficiency.

Our solutions are designed to be product and equipment agnostic, seamlessly adaptable to any surface for easy deployment.

We offer a Management By Exception approach with condition monitoring alerts that promptly notify relevant personnel when potential failures are predicted, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimizing operational disruptions.