SAF Tehnika A/S Partnership

Partnership Agreement inked with SAF Tehnica A/S

Australia / Singapore – 24 October 2018

Innovkez Australia Pty Ltd and Innovkez Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the inking of partnership agreements with SAF Tehnika A/S to bring SAF Tehnika’s Aranet Horiculture solutions to Australia/New Zealand and South East Asia  markets. Innovkez will market Aranet’s wireless horiculture solutions to help customers ensuring the best growth conditions for yield through temperature and humidity monitoring.

Aranet horiculture solution helps to save costs and reduce food waste by ensuring the best conditions for growing and storing produce. Avoid unwanted losses that can occur when temperature and humidity levels are not compliant with the desirable standards by improving quality control.

About SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika is a designer, producer and distributor of digital Microwave Data transmission equipment. SAF Tehnika products provide wireless backhaul solutions for digital voice and data transmission to mobile and fixed network operators, data service providers, governments and private companies.

More information on Aranet can be found at

Impinj Partnership

Partnership Agreement inked with Impinj Inc.

Singapore – 8 October 2018

Innovkez Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has inked a partnership agreement with Impinj Inc. to market and resell Impinj range of RAIN RFID solutions to Asia Pacific market. Innovkez will market Impinj range of RAIN RFID solutions for various sectors that it is currently servicing (retail, healthcare, supply chain & logistics, industrial manufacturing and hospitality)


About Impinj

Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. It’s platform, comprising both hardware and software, uses RAIN RFID to wirelessly delivers an items’s identity, location and authenticity to business and consumer applications, enabling the Internet of Things. Impinj is helping companies around the world increase sales, improve efficiencies, and deliver compelling experiences.

More information on Impinj can be found at

SensMax Partnership

Australia – 12 January 2018

Innovkez Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with SenMax to bring SenMax range of wireless solutions to Australia and New Zealand market. Innovkez will market Senmax’s wireless sensing solutions for people counting, remote temperature and humidity monitoring, customer satisfaction survey and retail display wireless alarm system.

About SenMax

SenMax believes that any system creation process should happen in close collaboration together with the customers so as to improve its customer’s business processes effectiveness thus reducing costs and increase profitability. It believe that every technology invented has to be wireless as they are much more convenient to implement in any environment.

SenMax’s solutions help customers get additional sense of their business and have control over every aspect of it in easy and elegant way. More at

Monnit Partnership

Partnership Agreement signed with Monnit Corporation

Singapore – 28th August 2017

Innovkez Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has signed a partner agreement with Monnit Corporation to bring Monnit’s easy-to-use, low-cost and reliable remotely monitoring solutions to Asia Pacific market. Innovkez will market Monnit’s wireless sensing solutions, the only wireless sensor platform available today that offers 1,000+ feet wireless range (non-line-of-sight), 10+ years battery life and integrated Encrypt-RF™ bank-level security in the APAC region.

Monnit Blog

The sensors will be available through application specific monitoring kits with either cellular or Ethernet connectivity, including; Commercial Refrigeration, Remote Real Estate, HVAC, Pharmacy/Lab, IT Server Room, Corporate Property, Agriculture, Mobile Refrigeration, Industrial Manufacturing and Small Business, with more coming soon.

Monnit’s solutions enable enterprise and small- and medium-size customers to connect, monitor and control a myriad of functions within their businesses, helping them streamline processes, reduced risk and realize cost savings through the Internet of Things. leading to operational efficiency, reduced risk and increased profitability.

About Monnit

Monnit leads the Internet of Things by empowering businesses with easy-to-use, low-cost remote monitoring solutions. Monnit solutions can be used to: remotely monitor a variety of “Things” (i.e. temperature, motion, humidity, vibration, etc.); alerting you via text, email, and/or phone call when something goes wrong. More at

Bluvision Partnership

Partnership Agreement signed with Bluvision

Singapore – 1st July 2017

Innovkez Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has signed a partner agreement with Bluvision to bring Bluvision RTLS/PLS and Condition Monitoring solutions to the South East Asia region.


Bluvision is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in sensor beacons; software driven, highly-accurate RTLS; and the pioneers of achieving cloud connectivity without the need for smartphone applications. Bluvision’s advanced architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location, health and performance of assets and employees. For more information, visit

Onyx Beacon Partnership


Partnership Agreement signed with Onyx Beacon

Singapore – 15th March 2017 – Innovkez Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has signed a partner agreement with Onyx Beacon sRL to bring Onyx Beacon’s wireless proximity targeted marketing solution and Tracko RTLS (Real Time Location System) solution to South East Asia market.




About Onyx Beacon

Onyx Beacon is a leading developer of Beacon hardware and management software based in Romania that allows developers to create innovative ways to reach users by detecting micro-location and proximity.

For more information, visit